Facilitation & Training
2023 CCA DMBA program guest lecturer 
2020 Headstream Innovators: Inclusion by Design
2020 SF Design Week: Service Blueprinting (Kaiser Permanente)
2020 Pilotcity: HCD Prototyping (with Oakland teachers)
2019 KP Executive Leadership Program: Sprint coach (Mental health team)
2019 KP Human Centered Design 101: Trainer and coach
2018 KP Experience Design Team: Marketing sprint
2018 KP Experience Design Team: Digital communications sprint
2017 OPM Summer Design School: Lead organizer and facilitator
Public Speaking
2023 Service Design Show podcast guest
2023 Headspace Black Men's Mental health Panelist
2022 SFDW Frog equitable design panelist
2022 Afterthought: SVA design conference keynote
2020 KP Marketing Town Hall: RACE MATTERS Panelist 
2019 Center for Care Innovations: Catalyst program panelist & judge 
2019 Bridgegood youth engagement: Building a career in design 
2018 FIELD Design Network: Building capacity for underrepresented designers
2018 KP Marketing Town Hall: Design Sprints
2016 GOVOPS conference: Design in the Government
Feedback from the people
“It was extremely valuable to hear Jaryn speak about how to use inclusive design to narrow in on your market and how to design for the extreme user so that the design can serve everyone. I'm embarking on reexamining our users and customers right now, so this information is extremely useful for me as I start to dive into the design process once again."

“We can’t be everything for everyone and while we have lots of opportunities for different markets especially right now as there is high demand for D&I products and services, Jaryn’s session really helped us stick to the market that we had identified and that we believe in.”

"Our last call with Jaryn, was my favorite from the entire Accelerator. I thought Jaryn was a boss man. He was particularly unique in his contribution. I learned new things and left extremely energized."

"Jaryn's facilitation style was spot-on. Humble, asked questions (did not prescribe), gently pulled us in or redirected the group appropriately."
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